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New agreements help strengthen education ties between South Australia and Indonesia

Monday, 03 April 2017

Three Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) agreements will be signed today to help strengthen the education and training partnership between South Australia, and Indonesia’s West Java Province.

TAFE SA will benefit from this new MOU with the Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI) by collaborating in areas of curriculum development for IFI, potential IFI student pathways into TAFE SA fashion and knowledge sharing opportunities.

An agreement between Ironwood Careers and Training (ICT) and Bogor Agricultural University will help ICT deliver training programs and study tours in Indonesia and is intended to help increase the number of Indonesian students who want to study, live and work in South Australia.

Lastly, a sister province-state cooperation program between West Java Library and Archives Agency and the State Library of South Australia, will foster the sharing of knowledge and technology across a wide range of library services, benefitting both regions.

Along with witnessing the MoU signing today, Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith will present South Australian Premier Reading Challenge medals to West Javanese education department officials, further demonstrating both regions’ ongoing commitment to improving education outcomes.                                                                                                        


The following MoUs will be signed today

  •       TAFE SA and the Islamic Fashion Institute (IFI). This MoU will help boost the fashion industry in Indonesia and South Australia by providing training and development opportunities for staff, curriculum development and educational opportunities for fashion students. IFI is the first Islamic Fashion School in Indonesia that combines conventional fashion with the rules of Islam.
  •       Ironwood Careers & Training Australia (ICT) and Bogor Agricultural University. This MoU will encourage the exchange of technical information, knowledge and market intelligence relating to agricultural training and regional development and will help generate opportunities for ICT to deliver specific training and education services.
  •       The West Java Library and Archives Agency and the State Library of South Australia. This MoU will progress knowledge and technology sharing across a wide range of library services, cultural exchanges, training and development opportunities in library management, infrastructure, digitization and preservation and collection services.

Quotes attributable to Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith

South Australia’s education and cultural sectors are highly valued internationally and through our extensive program of international engagement we are able to help foster greater ties across these areas.

These MoUs are important in strengthening South Australia’s relationship with Indonesia, and increasing opportunities for mutual cooperation and collaboration.