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South Australian goods exports reach record highs

Thursday, 05 June 2014

South Australian exports have reached a new high, growing to $12.3 billion in the 12 months to April.

Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith welcomed the new figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“South Australian exporters are reaping the benefits of their hard work and the Government’s commitment to target new and expanding markets,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

The South Australian Government has undertaken a number of bipartisan trade missions in recent times, seeking to provide a consistent approach that gives exporters confidence to explore new opportunities.

“A united approach to assisting South Australian business to connect with new market opportunities is vital in continuing this success,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

“The South Australian Government is committed to developing a stronger approach in the South East Asian region.

“As markets in this area continue to emerge and grow, the opportunities for South Australian business will be significant.”

The figures also revealed South Australia had a 15 per cent increase on the year compared with the year to April 2013, the highest increase of any state.

“Having the highest exports growth of any state in Australia shows the Governments strong approach to trade is working,” Mr Hamilton-Smith said.

South Australia’s 15 per cent growth in the 12 months to April compares to 13 per cent for Western Australia, 11 per cent for Victoria and 2.5 per cent for Queensland.

Both New South Wales and Tasmania again recorded decreases, with declines of 0.6 per cent decline and 7.8 per cent respectively in the 12-month period.