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Innovative South Australian sports technology firm exports to the world

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Local sports technology innovation company, Zing International has debut it flashing cricket stumps and bails in the United States in last night’s Caribbean Premier League (CPL) Twenty20 tournament in Florida.

Zing’s flashing cricket stumps and bails are capturing the attention of players and cricket fans around the world. Earlier this year they were used by the massively popular Indian Premier League (IPL) where they were seen by a huge audience around the world.

Being part of the CPL and IPL Twenty20 competitions has meant this unique South Australian product is showcased to audiences of more than two billion people during high profile matches.
Designed and manufactured in Port Adelaide, Zing International’s flashing stumps and bails have gone from strength to strength since launching in 2012, consistently growing export markets to New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for their Twenty20 competitions, as well as major 50-over competitions, including the Cricket World Cup.


Invented in South Australia, Zing flashing stumps and bails work to the laws of cricket, through an innovative patented sensor system in each end of the bail that flashes coloured lights the millisecond both ends of the bail lift from the stumps.

The revolutionary product has solved a common problem where it can be difficult to determine on a TV replay if both ends of any bail have lifted from the stumps and, therefore, if the batsman is out.
Quotes attributable to the Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith

Zing International shows the growth we are seeing coming out of local technology. Earlier this year the State Government released its annual trade and investment statement which details plans to build on South Australia’s $14.3 billion worth of goods and services exports. This kind of innovation is exactly what we want to showcase in key markets, including India.

Zing International is to be congratulated for consistently growing the export market for this niche product, helping to position South Australia as a world-leader in innovation and design.

The State Government is committed to supporting small to medium enterprises with similar ambitions in exporting to more destinations and highlighting South Australia to the world.

Quotes attributable to the Manufacturing and Innovation Minister Kyam Maher

Zing Bails is an excellent example of the sort of innovation we need in South Australia to transform and modernise our economy.
We are backing innovation and entrepreneurship in South Australia with a State Budget investment of almost $80 million dollars.

This support package includes a new $50 million venture capital fund, a $10 million early commercialisation fund, $7.5 million to support the University of South Australia’s Future Industries Institute, and $4.65 million for ultra-fast internet to make Adelaide Australia’s first Gig City.
Innovation, commercialisation, and entrepreneurship in our state will underpin the jobs of the future for South Australians.

Quotes attributable to Zing Director and inventor, Bronte Eckermann

I am passionate about cricket, technology and innovation and wanted to develop a product that could improve the game by solving the age old question - was that out?

For the Zings product to be used in the IPL is an achievement I am extremely proud of as it is one of the highest attended sporting leagues in the world, in a country that follows cricket like a religion.

While crowd excitement in limited over cricket has traditionally been for the batsman and big hits, what I love about our product is that it gives the bowler that ‘celebration’ moment too.