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Fisheries agreement to support West Java graduates in South Australia

Wednesday, 07 December 2016

An agreement signed today between the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy (AMFA) and the Fisheries and Marine Agency of West Java Province, will support the development of a two year training and industry placement pilot program for graduates from West Java’s maritime vocational schools.

The Memorandum of Understanding will also foster collaboration between West Java and South
Australia, strengthen and promote cooperation in vocational education and training for the purpose of improving skills, safety, sustainability and the economic productivity of the West Java fishing industry.

The agreement follows the revitalisation of South Australia’s sister-state agreement with West Java that was signed in September 2015 to drive engagement within the sectors of:

  • Agriculture (including aquaculture and fisheries);
  • Tourism, Arts and Culture
  • Education and Health
  • Government cooperation and;
  • Commercial opportunities.

In November 2015, AMFA accompanied Minister Hamilton-Smith and a delegation to Bandung in West Java to undertake the first South Australia-West Java Joint Working Group meeting as part of the South Australian Government’s South East Asia engagement.

Following continued discussions and meetings between the AMFA and the Fisheries and Marine
Agency of West Java, collaboration on improvements to skills, safety, sustainability and economic productivity of West Java’s fishing industry were advanced.

The South Australia-South East Asia Engagement Strategy was launched in 2015 and provides a blueprint on how South Australia can increase its presence in the region in order to build stronger social, cultural and economic connections that will benefit South Australia and South East Asia.

Business missions to South East Asia will take place in April, July and August 2017. Expressions of interest for the missions, along with other markets that will be visited, are currently open at

Quotes attributable to Investment and Trade Minister Martin Hamilton-Smith

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy and the Fisheries and Marine Agency of West Java Province helps to strengthen South Australia’s commitment to West Java under our revitalised sister-state agreement.

A prosperous and efficient West Java fishing industry will result in less need to draw upon external fishing stocks across Indonesia, Australia and international fishing industries.

The work that has been done by both enterprises shows a practical and outcome driven agreement on the back of this Government’s engagement framework.
South East Asia is one of the world’s fastest growing economies and presents significant opportunities for South Australia to build on.

Existing ties with the region and the in-country presence we have with key Government officials in Austrade offices, provides us with a real opportunity to build upon the relationships that have been formed in our previous business missions.

This is another trade mission success story. I encourage South Australian companies who are exportready, to register their interest for next year’s business missions.

Quotes attributable to AMFA Chair Hagen Stehr

Today's signing is a great step forward and the result of a lot of work by AMFA, our friends in West Java, Minister Hamilton-Smith and the Government of South Australia. I’m incredibly thankful we have such a hard working Minister who is leading such a powerful program of international trade.

We hope many new international students will come to South Australia to develop their skills as a result of this agreement and I'll take the first 10 out on my own vessels