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South Australia’s October overseas goods exports

Thursday, 08 December 2016

South Australia’s overseas goods exports totalled $10.8 billion in the year to October 2016, according to figures released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

This was down 7.7 per cent compared with the year to October 2015. Figures show national exports totalled $242 billion in the year to October 2016, down by 4.4 per cent compared with the year to October 2015.

All states recorded a fall in overseas goods exports in the year to October 2016 - Northern Territory (down 29 per cent ), South Australia (down 7.7 per cent ), Western Australia (down 5.7 per cent ), New South Wales (down 3.1 per cent ), Victoria (down 2.9 per cent ), Queensland (down 2.0 per cent ) and Tasmania (down 0.7 per cent ).

Minister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith said the figures show the total value of South Australian exports continues to be supported by growth in the value of exports of copper, wine petroleum, petroleum products, lead, wool and sheepskins.

He said while some sectors are down this month, strong demand continues for our local products with support coming from export sectors including. Key results for the year to October 2016 compared with October 2015 include:

  • Copper - up 9.8 per cent or $105 million;
  • Wine – up 9.8 per cent or $109 million;
  • Petroleum and petroleum products – up49 per cent or $59 million;
  • Wool and sheepskins – up 8.8 per cent or $16 million;
  • Lead – up 17 per cent or $72 million.


South Australian export markets that experienced growth in the year to October 2016, compared to the previous 12 months included: Malaysia, Japan, Canada and New Zealand.

Quotes attributable to Minister Hamilton-Smith

More than 65,000 South Australian jobs are supported by exports and the State Government is
committed to seeing this number grow. Continuing growth in trade and exports will lead to a strong economy and job creation.

This month saw growth in several key areas, however these were offset by declines in areas we have less influence over, namely resources, wheat, meat and vehicles.

The State Government’s export strategy, including overseas trade and business missions, is having an impact.

In the targeted areas of goods and services and as such, South Australia’s overseas export performance has shown a welcome improvement in the past year overall.